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The Perfect Gift For Your Bestie - Glacelis

Gifts for Your Best Friend - The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift For Your Bestie…

Best friends.  No matter how old you are, there is nothing like a best friend.  They are there when you want to laugh and they are there when you need to cry. They are there for life’s highs and they are there for life’s lows.  You share life with them and they are one you can call on day or night.

I love the story of Kellie & Audra.  They met in High School and quickly became friends.  As they went off to different colleges they lost touch with one another.  Years later and through life’s twist and turns, Audra and Kellie found themselves living back in their home town where they reconnected. Their stories were similar and they were able to share experiences as they married the men they had met in college and started families at about the same time.  As they reunited and shared life’s biggest moments together they became best friends. Whether it’s a girls night out or a regular morning coffee chat, they talk and laugh and talk some more. They even enjoy those quite times together when they just sit and not a word is spoken… because that is what best friends do.

If you are blessed to have a friendship like Kellie & Audra, then finding the perfect gift for your BFF is no small task!

Your best friend deserves the best.

Well, look no further, here it is:

Personalized best friends gifts, unique idea for your best friends

A declaration of your devotion to each other on one side and then your names and a drawing on the other side.

gifts for best friends - friendship gifts

This mug would be just the perfect gift for the holidays coming up.  I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for a special “hostess gift”.

Filled with candy these mugs would be perfect for Halloween & Thanksgiving gifts.  Don’t you think?

Christmas gifts for best friend - holidays gifts for best friends

Holidays gifts for best friends - Friend gifts - best friends coffee mug

I could totally picture my best friend and I after Thanksgiving dinner having coffee and a pumpkin dessert with our fun Glacelis coffee cups!

one idea for your best friends gifts

Glacelis Shop for the gift to perfectly define your friendship

Glacelis mugs have all sorts of different hair colors and styles to choose from which makes shopping for them so much fun! Check out the hair here.  Here is a Pin for you to save this gift idea:

best friends coffee mug

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