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Dear Glacelis Community Members

Unfortunately, we are being notified of other brands posing as our business and trying to rip off our customers. They are working as “copy cats” to undermine our talented and hard-working designers who give their time, their lives, and their imagination to making our productions.

Our shipping times in high seasons have a maximum of 10 days.
We have received emails from people who are waiting more than 2 months to receive their products from these "copycats" companies.

Additionally, these products are coming from unknown sources, which means their origin and safety can jeopardize the health of your family.


Here is why we recommend you shop with our original brand from now on:

  • We guarantee top quality that is only possible with our supply chain.
  • We produce all of our products here in the U.S.
  • We provide an array of diverse product options that are custom and bespoke.
  • We have a better customer care center that will support all of your questions and concerns.


We will do our due diligence to leave the correct links to our store in our social media comments so there are no confusions. You will be able to copy and paste them into your browser knowing you are going to shop at the right digital location.


We are an American-made company that is here to help. Cheers. Team Glacelis


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