"Can I add other styles that aren't available in the dropdown customization menu?"

No. Our designs are special to each piece of art, and each product has its own available choices for customization. In the future we will look to adding more options for each product but for now the only available customizations are listed in the dropdown menus for each art print."

"How long does shipping take?"

We take 2 business days to process your order. In addition to that, there is additional delivery time depending on where your order is shipped to. For domestic delivery (US) we quote 3-5 days, for international delivery we quote 7-10 days.

"Are the pieces framed?"

No, the artwork does not come framed.

"Can I add a custom quote to the artwork?" 

Some pieces offer custom quote options. However, if you can't find the option to customize the quote on the product page, please contact us preferably through chat or email with your order # and custom quote description to ensure that we can create the right artwork for you.

"My order is wrong"

If you received your artwork and are not satisfied with the outcome, please email us with your order # and a photo to support@glacelis.com. We will work with you to make sure that your order is up to the standard you need it to be.

"Can I get a preview of what the outcome will look like for my personalized art print?" 

No. We are working to add previews to our product pages in the future. However, please check out our reviews to see results from previous customers that can potentially help you view the outcome for the art that you are purchasing.  

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