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5 Gifts For Dog Lovers

5 Gifts For Dog Lovers

The loyalty that dogs give us is unmatched by any other creature.

They comfort us when we're sad, and never leave our side when we bring home a new baby or are working on a project. Some are even trained to lend a helping paw to humans.

The impact these little furballs can have on us is incredible. Even our childhood dogs can live in our hearts for the rest of our lives. 

We've created these beautiful pieces to hold a memory of the pups that will last as long as your love for them.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself." 

Personalized, Unique, Custom Dog Portrait

Whether your furry family member still lives with you or has crossed the rainbow bridge, you will get to choose a picture that looks like them and a quote to honor them. 

Personalized, Unique, Custom Dog Portrait With Up To 3 Dogs

All dog owners know by now that dogs can be just as messy as kids (if not messier).

Your guests will appreciate a friendly warning to expect dog hair and maybe a chew toy on the couch. After all, this is your dog's home too.

Young Couple Or Parents With Dog Portrait, Grandparents With Dog Portrait

This custom portrait can either feature a couple, your parents or grandparents, and their favorite child (oops, I mean their dog).

Personalized Pet Portrait, Fawn Chihuahua Wall Art

You will never be short on love or cuddles when you have a four-legged roommate.

Our 8x10 puppy print is also available in a French Bulldog version!


Personalized Woman and Dog Print Art

Sometimes you just need to talk to your best friend who can't respond when you make a questionable decision. That's why they're our favorites though, right?



We're working every day to create gifts for all kinds of people, animal lovers or not, although we trust dog people a little more (shhh).

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