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Personalized best friends gifts wall art

TOP CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR girlfriend 2020 by Glacelis

Who is your person?
A friend who is ALWAYS there for you…
A BFF can be your person, but not all  BFFs are your person…
Soul sisters can be your person, but not all soul sisters are your person!

She will always be honest with you (brutally)!

Her feedback is on point, and she will never hold back..

She will let you know if your makeup is too dark, or if you look fat in those jeans…

Your person always knows what you need at the time, even before you tell her.

Your person knows you better than anyone.
You may be able to fool some friends, but not her!
She sees through your fake smile and she knows when you laughed at his joke, you were totally faking!
When you lose a word mid-sentence, she finishes your thought for you.
You always try to tell her any news first.
When you have good news, it really doesn’t even seem real, until your person knows.  She will know just how to celebrate…
When the news is bad, you look to tell her first too because she will know if you need a hug,  or someone to just sit and listen, or she will know if you just want her there so you are not alone…
It doesn’t even matter if you are in a fight, if you have big news,  you tell her anyway because you know that you can never stay mad for very long anyway.

She is the person who will be your best friend until one of you dies.

Even when seasons in life change, your friendship doesn’t change with this person, you NEVER outgrow each other!

The bond you have is not superficial it is deep, you are stuck with each other !


  This coffee cup will make your person know you are thinking of her.  You can change the hair color and the font, there are so many fun options!  Click here to start shopping!

 It is a perfect gift for YOUR PERSON!




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